Missionary Retreat Fellowship is a non-profit organization. Rates charged for our homes do not cover all the expenses of the ministry. The remainder is subsidized through donations by supporting churches and individuals. All utility charges are included in the rent.

In addition to the monthly rent, the following payments must be made.

  • We ask for a security deposit of $300.00, payable upon arrival, which will be held in escrow to pay for any damages or cleaning charges due after residents have left. Any balance will be refunded.

MRF will not be responsible for any debts incurred by the residents during their stay at MRF, nor for personal commitments.

All units are available for daily rate of $50, weekly rate of $230, or the monthly rates listed below.

Unit 1 – 3 Bedroom/2 bath duplex – $750 per month

Unit 2 –  2 Bedroom/1 bath duplex – $750 per month

Unit 3 – 3 bedroom/2 bath house (attached to unit 12). – $750 per month

Unit 5 – 3 bedroom/2 bath mobile home. –  $750 per month

Unit 6 – 3 bedroom/2 bath house. –  $750 per month

Unit 7 – 3 bedroom/2bath house with garage in basement. – $775 per month

Unit 9 – 3 bedroom/1 bath duplex with unit 10. –  $750 per month

Unit 10 – 3 bedroom/2 bath duplex with unit 9. – $750 per month

Unit 11 – The suite is designed for a short stay and is designed similar to a hotel room. $525 per month.

Unit 12 – Is a single bedroom and bathroom unit with a nice sized living room, kitchen, and office. $625 per month.